governance as a service

Governance as a Service ("GaaS") is an innovative offering combining DPO / "compliance by design" technology planning with on-demand legal services, supply chain, and diversity and equality expertise. Proper governance means your business is fit and proper across human as well as technical criteria, while not being bound by red tape and excessive rule-making. Governance as a Service enables you build and scale a principle-based company culture of technical compliance and human integrity, while controlling costs and not losing focus on core business-critical activities. And because GaaS is delivered independently, internal factors and conflicts of interest do not influence the process.


fact-finding & gap analysis

Business risk management now encompasses non-traditional factors that may not appear on the balance sheet.  Technology itself represents both an opportunity and a threat to your organisation. With new data-driven regulations affecting everyone large and small, being able to demonstrate effective governance over technology and other human factors is essential.
Governance as a Service starts by shedding light on the current state of the organisation, starting with technology but always focusing on the most important aspect - human beings. Enabling a business to comply by design means understanding challenges on an individual basis, adapting to new processes and making compliance with today's standards part of the DNA of the organisation.


flexible, risk-weighted remediation

Having a well-rounded view of your organisation is essential, but the nature of risk means it may not always be possible to predict where issues may arise. Governance as a Service allows you to control the cost of compliance by giving greater emphasis to the things that require immediate focus, while providing on-demand services in case of more urgent need. You may only require legal services when launching a new product for example, or technical advice when migrating your data to a new platform. GaaS aligns with your long-term business strategy so that key individuals in the organisation can focus on execution, with the knowledge that expert help is available as and when it is required.


TRansparent, independent & transformative

Independent governance not only empowers the individuals in your organisation, it gives key business stakeholders - including investors - a clearer view of how the business is running. Technology planning for the long term should be aligned to strategy. For example, using Cloud services for key tasks or infrastructure could be a major cost saver from an IT perspective, but could accrue additional risk. GaaS promotes decision-making based on transparent, objective and fuller information, helping you to gain proper consensus and move together as one organisation.