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Salvatore delivers rapid and integrated advice on technology, strategy, communications and regulatory change management. Salvatore brings over 20 years of experience across industries, combining business development, marketing and sales with in-depth sector, technical and regulatory knowledge. 

1. "Governance as a Service" is an innovative offering combining DPO / GDPR services and "compliance by design" technology planning with on-demand legal services, supply chain,  and diversity and equality assurance. Proper governance means your business is fit and proper across technical as well as human criteria. Governance as a Service enables you build and scale a company culture of technical compliance and human integrity, while controlling costs and not losing focus on core business-critical activities. 

2. Strategic marketing: Communications in this case refers to the core messages and other essentials which help your organisation to express itself authentically, and getting these messages to the right audience. Make the most of the tools you have to engage with your audience, from your website through to social media by unleashing creative, informative and relevant content that sells the true benefits.

3. Change management. If your organisation is growing rapidly, or going through strategic changes, a change management programme is the key to success. Move forward together, from individuals in the organisation understanding, buying into and selling the change, to your customer base's engagement with the new value proposition.


Technology: GDPR

The GDPR came into force on May 25th 2018, bringing with it a significant new enforcement regime. You are now accountable for personal data in ways which vastly exceed the obligations of the Data Protection Act (1998). 

 Salvatore is proud to be a GDPR365 Partner

If you hold or process the personal data of EU resident citizens, you should consider the new risks your organisation faces. If you aren't already sure what you are going to do, Salvatore can help with most aspects of the GDPR, having been involved with regulatory matters for several years (FDA, FCA, ICO) and can help you to get an effective plan in place in short order.  



Get the message, and then get it across. We start by breaking down the issue into a series of more manageable blocks. What is the organisation's core mission? What are the perceived problems? What are the objectives to reach? We run informal but highly intense, creative 'jam sessions' which rapidly get to the crux of the matter and align commercial strategy to marketing strategy.

We have helped to shift entire product lines to a higher-value space in the market in response to new legislation. We have helped non-financial media buyers to understand the essentials of the financial markets in 3 hours. This helped them understand their own clients' needs and thus be more successful. It all begins here.




It's all very well having a great story to tell, but it's even more gratifying to know that the story is being heard. 

For some organisations, optimising their web presence and SEO is the key. For others, an effective targeted PR strategy will get their message to the right people.  Are you building a brand? Are you changing the values that brand stands for? Through a network of trusted partners, Salvatore can quickly get you heard - and because the message is right, you can count on the right outcomes.


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Growing organisations, or those going through change, require 360˚ communications that align to commercial needs. 

Salvatore is a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations in rapid, efficient and effective development of their communications strategies.

Your voice needs to be distinctive and authentic. Your salespeople need a message that they can believe in. Your audience has to believe it too.


Salvatore can help you make the right choices for your unique situation, and make it your true voice that is heard. Get in touch to get started.